Business Writing Training That Works
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Who Should Attend a Vincler Workshop                      
                         This fellow has not yet attended  a Vincler workshop.

Q. Who attends your workshops?
     A. People who want to write quickly and clearly.       Registr

 The on-site workshops often include teams from the same or rel   

Q. Who are your clients?  
 A. Vincler clients are in many industries, from  
 Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.
 Nancy and Jim have worked with technical,
 nontechnical, and scientific companies; utilities;
 and small and large government agencies.

 Vincler training methods work for high-tech,
 low-tech, and biotech.
 The clear-writing principles the Vinclers teach
 apply to just about any business-writing job
 you can imagine.

For references in your field,  please call us at 800-716-1601.

                                                                                    Happy attendee

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