Business Writing Training That Works
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Our Business Philosophy:

Customer Satisfaction

• Our goal is to make you and your employees happy. Our primary customer is the person attending our training, and we do all we can to help that person become a better business writer.

• We focus on your attendees' stated writing-skill needs and goals. If you and your attendees are happy, we're happy.


In today's market, you'll find writing courses that vary in price and quality, depending on the content, design, materials, and instructors. Our purpose is not to come in at a rock-bottom price and then try to sell a lot of collateral material. Our purpose is to make sure your attendees become better writers before they leave our workshop.

We believe that we have a cost-effective quality edge on the competition, for these reasons:

1. We designed and present the workshops personally, to maintain a consistently high quality of training and learning for your employees.

2. We wrote the book and other course materials. That means your attendees learn from the source and get all questions answered.

3. We know our subject thoroughly, and we share our knowledge with our workshop attendees through interactive, hands-on practice that lets us monitor progress.

4. We honestly care whether your people learn at our workshops.