Business Writing Training That Works
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Consulting Services

Writing, Editing, and Consulting Services for Special Projects

    Do you want to:
      > Write a proposal for a government grant?
      > Revise or integrate company procedures after a merger?
      > Write user-friendly manuals that reduce tech-support calls?
      > Revise your form letters to achieve better results?
      > Write sales letters that bring in the business?
      > Produce a company style guide to ensure corporate consistency?

    We can help in many ways:
          • Review documents for clear-writing practices and suggest changes.
          • Design a short training session for your writing teams.
          • Work with your writing teams during the writing process.
          • Review and edit final drafts for conciseness and clarity.

Also available:
    Executive Coaching
       We offer one-on-one coaching for executives who
       want their writing to reflect their professional standing.

Please call us at 800-716-1601 for more information.