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Book for Engineers


By James E. Vincler & Nancy Horlick Vincler
Published by Professional Publications, Inc.

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Think you can't write? Think again!

Does writing take up a significant part of your job as an engineer — a dreaded part? Do you procrastinate, then spend too much time writing and rewriting, never getting the results you want? Do you suspect your career is stalled by your communication skills?

Authors Jim and Nancy Vincler will change your mind about writing. Professional writing coaches known for their extensive work with engineers, the Vinclers will show you how to become faster, more efficient, and more effective at every writing task you undertake.

Engineering Your Writing Success is written specifically for engineers like you. It takes advantage of the logical way you already think. Good writing follows logical rules, and that's something engineers understand. You can write well, and this book is all you need to get started.

You'll get field-tested strategies, in practical steps, that work for writing projects of any size. Plenty of real-life examples ensure that you will understand not just what to do, but how to do it — the real nuts and bolts of preparing all sorts of technical and business documents, from proposals and reports to manuals and data sheets, even memos and e-mail.

You'll quickly learn how to:
 • Discover your natural talent for writing logically
 • Overcome procrastination and writer's block
 • Use the QuickPlan system to streamline any writing project
 • Design the message to reach your reader
 • Troubleshoot common writing problems that engineers encounter
 • Make your proposals persuasive
 • Prepare user-friendly procedure manuals
 • Use e-mail and fax communication effectively
 • Format your documents so people want to read them

You'll also find a bonus section on successful presenting, including:
 • Planning, preparing, and delivering a presentation with confidence
 • Leading a meeting that produces results

With these skills, you'll be a better writer, a more confident presenter, and, in turn, a more productive engineer. It's no secret that the stronger, more persuasive communicator you are, the better your career options will be. Writing is something every engineer can do, but many never discover how. Use Engineering Your Writing Success to give yourself an advantage that will last a lifetime.

About the Authors
James E. Vincler and Nancy Horlick Vincler are professional writing coaches who work with engineers and business people. In nearly twenty years of leading workshops and seminars, they have taught thousands of grateful students that "engineers CAN write."

Here is what the American Consulting Engineers Council BOOKSHOP NEWS said about Engineering Your Writing Success:

We've heard about attorneys who became novelists, haven't we? But most often, professionals learn their own precise skills and bypass another tool they need every day: writing. This is a book designed for the engineer or technical person who has never had time to consider the potential of the English language as a tool. It is jam-packed with information, philosophical as well as practical, logical examples of how language should be used, what it is meant to convey, and how it will help you to get what you want. It's filled with examples and is directed toward the engineering profession. This is an incredible book; and if you take the time to read it and use its recommendations, you will become as professional a writer as you are an engineer. This book is good!
Silvia S. Cutler, Editor

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(ISBN 0-912045-90-6).


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