Business Writing Training That Works
About Business Writing
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Why Writing Training?

Clear writing is the sign of clear thinking.

Poor writing skills waste time and money
Many business problems are caused by poor communication. Someone didn't listen; someone didn't read. The instructions weren’t clear; the memo wasn’t specific.
Miscommunication can lead to faulty decisions, production delays, angry customers, and lost orders — consequences that waste time and cost money. Yet, a minimal training investment can help avoid costly miscommunication.

We don’t learn business writing in school
People who have difficulty writing well in a business environment just haven’t been trained to write for business.
Business writing is different because it is results-oriented. You are not writing to impress an instructor with your knowledge of a subject. You are writing to someone who needs your information to make a decision or to learn how to use your product.
Multiple readers have diverse needs
Some of your readers know a lot about your subject; some know very little. Some need the details; others need an overview. Some need to know how to use a product; others just want to know the benefits.
In business, you have to accommodate those various readers’ needs.
High-quality writing training boosts productivity
The Vinclers show you how to meet multiple readers’ needs. You will learn how to get to the heart of a message and deliver it quickly by focusing on a purpose. You will easily decide which details are important and which are not.
After participating in a Vincler writing workshop, you and your team members will be more productive business communicators. For example, one Vincler client's value-added calculations for employees enrolled in the two-day Business & Technical Writing workshop showed a $14,000-average net-productivity GAIN per registrant.