Business Writing Training That Works
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Teaching Methods

Q.   What teaching methods do you employ?

A.   Learner-friendly. We use interactive lecture/discussion with visual examples and follow with hands-on practice and immediate feedback. We encourage questions and participation. Our outline is structured yet flexible enough to allow relevant side discussions, attendees’ comments, and — most important — individual coaching.

Q.   I’ve been to a training class with over a hundred people in it and could not get my questions answered. How do your workshops avoid this problem?

A.   First, we limit our class size. Second, our two workshop leaders are experienced writers who designed the course. You’ll get answers to all your questions. You’ll also get individual help with a current writing job that you bring to the workshop.

Q.   I went to a writing class run by a hired speaker who couldn’t answer questions that went beyond the script. Can you?

A.   Yes. Your workshop leaders wrote the book. This dynamic team of a professional writer and a former English teacher — both published authors — know the subject matter and the effective way to teach it. Ask any writing question you want.

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