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General Questions

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Q.   Why should I choose your training?

Q.   What’s the most common complaint you receive about the workshop?

Q.   What’s the difference between business writing and technical writing?

Q.   I’ve been to an inexpensive writing seminar and was disappointed because the instructor was long on talking and short on subject knowledge — and spent more time selling books than teaching writing. Will I really learn anything at your workshop?

Q.   Do you have references?

Q.   How can you help me improve my writing in only two days?


A.   The Vinclers offer you an unbeatable combination of experience and knowledge. They have been teaching business and technical writing to professionals since 1977. They know the skills a good business writer needs, and will give you clear guidelines for writing reports,  proposals, e-mails, letters, procedures, and other business documents.

 The Vinclers know grammar, spelling, and style. Not all seminar leaders can say that.

 One more crucial point: The Vinclers care about you. They want you to learn.
 To the Vinclers, teaching is a joy, and one of their best rewards is knowing that their efforts
 are helping you and your career.

   “Another writing course I took only said what to do; you showed me how.”
                                                          –Electronics Engineer

    “This is the best technical writing class I have ever taken.
    Thank you for a very enjoyable learning experience.”
                                                           –Biotech Scientist

    “Jim and Nancy were personally helpful with all of us,
    eager to teach, and very knowledgeable.”
                                                          –Systems Programmer

A.  There are two: The workshop is too short. The workshop is too long. Go figure.

A.   Technical writing is a form of business writing. Business writing (which includes technical, nontechnical, and scientific writing) differs from academic writing (college papers and professional-journal articles) and entertainment writing (novels, magazine articles, etc.). Understanding that difference is one of the keys to clear business communication.

The main purpose of business writing is to communicate information efficiently to a reader who can then act on the information. All our writing courses have one purpose: to help people communicate information efficiently.

A.   Yes, you will learn. When shopping for writing training, look for the difference between hired speakers and experienced writing coaches. A low initial price may entice you or your manager, but if you have to buy books and home-study CDs to learn the content and improve your skills, why go to the seminar?

In a Vincler writing workshop, the goal is to help you improve your writing skills before you leave the workshop, without having to buy extra materials. As an attendee, you will receive an exclusive, comprehensive 230-page workbook at no extra cost. You will not find a higher-quality, more comprehensive course than a Vincler workshop. You will work, learn, and have fun while learning.

A.   Thousands. Call for some who are in your field of work (and who have given permission to name them as references).

A.   The logical, step-by-step system includes easy-to-use tools and individual help to focus your thoughts quickly.