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How to Edit Employees’ Writing

Well-meaning managers often edit employees’ writing for style, not content. Style is the way a writer chooses to communicate an idea. For example, if you ask five employees to write a document on the same subject, you will likely get five different styles of writing. Yet all can convey a style and tone to match your corporate “voice.”

You can’t expect employees to say something exactly as you would. Well-intentioned but misdirected editing undermines employee motivation. Employees whose documents are often returned for stylistic-detail changes, might not take the time to plan and write drafts well in the first place. (“Why bother?”)

If you want to edit your employees’ writing, edit for content, conciseness, and grammar; and make sure the document conveys the corporate “voice.”

Better yet, enroll your employees in our two-day Business and Technical Writing Workshop. Then you can reduce your reading and editing time.

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