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For Managers

Reduced reading time

If you are a manager or an executive, Vincler writing training will help your team reduce your reading time.

Your employees will learn how to get to the heart of a message and deliver it quickly. They will decide which details are important and which are not. All Vincler courses (whether about technical, nontechnical, persuasive, or procedural writing) have one purpose: to show your team how to communicate information efficiently.
Manager’s checklist

Here are some of the managerial frustrations the Vincler workshops can relieve for you:

   • e-mail overload
   • missing or buried main point
   • unorganized message
   • wordiness and excessive detail
   • excessive reading time
   • rambling rhetoric
   • inappropriate tone
   • poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling
   • unclear or incomplete messages
   • less-than-persuasive proposals
   • missed deadlines

Why hire an outside consultant for writing training?

A well-screened outside consultant who specializes in one topic can bring a focused, credible expertise that is difficult for an internal employee to match, especially if the internal employee wears several training “hats.”

Why choose the Vincler team?

The team’s respected reputation among repeat clients assures you of substance that produces consistent results. The Vinclers devoted a year to developing their first writing workshop. By investing that time to research, write, and market-test their materials, they built a comprehensive copyrighted workbook and a smoothly flowing, logical presentation. Since then, they have updated and expanded the workbook and presentations to include new writing media and methods. The team’s flexible course options, planning support, and consulting services offer you tailored writing solutions.

One more crucial point: The Vinclers care about your employees’ learning. They want each registrant to learn and to use professional writing skills on the job.

High quality

When you hire the Vinclers, you receive high-quality communication training throughout your company. Your employees learn directly from the Vinclers, not from hired speakers. Vincler writing workshops sharpen skills that your employees will use throughout their careers.

Experience to meet your changing needs

The Vinclers have always fine-tuned their training to keep pace with changing business needs. Business writing does change as technology moves information faster and faster. Those who don’t change with the times will be pushed to the sidelines. The Vinclers will keep you in the game by showing your team how to write quickly, clearly, and concisely. Vincler courses are proven builders of productivity.

A solid ROI

To save you money, a training program must offer a solid return on your investment. Your registrants’ time costs you money. Invest that time well, by hiring Vincler Communications to train your teams. You’ll like the results — and so will top management. Wise decisions get noticed, especially when those decisions cost-effectively meet critical business needs.

Clients who have tracked the results of Vincler training say the workshops spark a strong productivity gain. For example, one repeat client’s value-added calculations showed a $14,000-average net productivity gain per Vincler graduate.

Interactive hands-on training

Vincler training sessions are not a marketing venue to sell a lot of collateral self-teaching materials. The Vincler workshops include all the substance and comprehensive materials needed for immediate learning and follow-up support.

When people enter a Vincler workshop, they know they should write clearly and concisely. When they leave, they know how.

In an interactive Vincler workshop, your employees will analyze examples, discuss common business-writing problems, and learn how to correct or avoid each problem. They will learn how to think through a writing project to determine its purpose and the best way to achieve that purpose for their readers.

Individual attention for immediate application

Your employees will get plenty of individual attention in a two-day workshop, so encourage them to bring in current writing jobs (or some routine reports) for coaching and self-editing. With in-session coaching, your employees can complete at least a partially edited rough draft of a current writing project during the workshop. Many leave with a final draft in hand. Such immediate application begins the return on investment that you expect from quality training.

Structured but relaxed setting

The Vincler approach is structured, caring, and non-threatening. Writing is an extension of the ego, and so far, all workshop participants enjoy a 100% ego-survival rate.

Humor enhances learning and makes teaching fun. Nancy and Jim Vincler have fun teaching. Your people will learn a lot and come back to the job armed with the tools to communicate your company’s message more effectively and efficiently.

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