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Business and Technical Writing

A Comprehensive Workshop for All Business Professionals
(technical and nontechnical managers, team leaders, and individual contributors)

The Vinclers’ most popular workshop comes with hands-on exercises, personal critiques, individual
attention, and loads of information on how to avoid or correct the most common writing problems and how to organize any writing job within 15 minutes. (Whew!) This is the fully equipped, top-of-the-line model at a very reasonable cost.

At this workshop, you will learn crucial skills that will help you throughout your career. In a step-by-step interactive method, you'll learn how to cut wordiness, build easy-to-read sentences, design strategic paragraphs, and organize each message to achieve your purpose.
With the amazing planning tool, you'll focus and fine-tune your writing project to eliminate a lot of rewriting. Plus, you'll get the job done in half the time it takes you now.

Highest Quality

The Vinclers have not hired "professional presenters" to run their workshops. They developed the workshops, researched and designed the materials, and present the courses. People who have attended other writing workshops say this is the most practical and comprehensive writing course available. If you plan to take only one writing course during your career, choose this one.

The Vinclers can tailor this workshop to fit any team’s business-writing needs. They can bring this two-day workshop to your site for up to 30 people per session.


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