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Customer User Manuals
Your Goodwill Ambassadors

Good News

Well-written user manuals are an easy way to build a strong, positive company image.   Like your sales teams, these manuals are your company representatives who meet and engage your customers.  A well-written user manual will please your customers and can be a powerful tool to help you build an image of a customer-centric company — a company that cares for it customers.

Bad News

On the other hand, a poorly written user manual will annoy your customers and reflect badly on your company and your product.  These obtuse documents represent the worst of business writing.  They send the message that you care only to sell the product and couldn’t care less about the customer.

How Poor Manuals Get Written

Essentially, four situations cause user manuals to be useless.    
     • The user manuals are usually an afterthought, so there is no time to write a good one.

     • The engineers who develop the product and are most familiar with the product have
        never been trained to write manuals and would rather drink muddy water and live
        in a hollow log than write a manual.

     • Tech writers who are hired to write the manuals (after the product is fully developed)
        are not familiar with the product and get very little support from the engineers
        who do know the product but are now busy on a new project.

     • Management assumes that tech support can answer users’ questions.

So the customer is ignored and left to fend for himself.  If he calls tech support and can
get past the recordings to a live person who speaks passable English, he is then treated
like a moron for not being able to figure out how to operate the new fantastic Famboozie

Yet all these situations can be remedied by planning, training, and putting the customer first.

Good News       

Easy-to-use user manuals are not that difficult to produce.  
All you have to do is train your techies to write user manuals.  This is not rocket science.  If your technical people can think logically, we can teach them to plan and write manuals that will become your goodwill ambassadors.
We’ll show them how to organize and format a user’s manual, and — most important —how to write one that the user will cherish.
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