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A Seminar for Technical Writers

Technical writing is the most difficult form of business writing. It offers the writer more challenges, mainly because the audience often does not have the sophisticated technical background that the writer does. So the writer has to struggle with how much detail to include and to what depth.

Technical writing requires a lot more organizational skills, because a technical-documentation project can include several documents, such as user manuals, product catalogs, data sheets, online documents, Web-site pages, and other support documentation.

It also requires three types of editing: technical, copy, and production.

This one-day seminar addresses all those issues, but focuses primarily on the writing.  You will learn how to easily write effective technical documents:  how to organize the project, write the documents, and edit the documents — whether you are the sole writer or part of a writing-and-editing team.

The Vinclers can bring this one-day seminar to your site for up to 20 people per session.